Introducing the latest from AZURE Power... the 5150 "Race" editions and 5140 "Freestyle" Edition Props now in store for you. Click HERE to order yours now!

5150 "RACE" The new Azure power 5150 Race prop brings smoother and increased responsiveness to the pilot. Ensuring precise performance at high speed. Expect improved feel and response in extreme cornering and change of direction. Wingtip changes now reduce the prop-wash, while efficiency is improved. This creates a more stable flying at all speeds.

5140 "FREESTYLE" Answering the call from the community for a true freestyle prop that rivals if not beats the best in the business, Azure Power has done it again.The LCP (Light Control Prop) 5140 is designed for precision and smoothness in mind, while still retaining excellent power delivery throughout the rpm range. Set to be the new Freestyle standard, Azure LCP 5140

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