New Arrivals! VECTOR VX-05 ~ Korea's top pilots choice!

The Vector VX05 series is the new successor to the highly successful VX03 and VX04 FPV racing frames from South Korea.

Using the highest quality carbon composite materials, the VX05 frame is designed for optimal strength to weight ratio FPV Racing requirements.

The kit comes in 2 types S type (Stretched) or X type.

Arms and body plates are specially designed for each type, arms are not interchangeable between types.

The arms are 7.5mm thick(T7.5) for minimal drag coefficient while maintaining strength and frame rigidity.

With a height of 30mm stack space.

A 4in1 ESC/ Speed controller and flight controller is recommended using the standard 36mm x 36mm with mounting holes at 30.5mm distance.

For each frame type there is also an optional 2mm wider reinforced arm.

Between X and S frame type, it is the pilot’s personal preference and racing technique. Frame Kits here : Spare Parts here :

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