New Arrivals! NOMOJEL - Universal Super Sticky Anti-Jello Camera Pad

From the creators of UMMAGRIP, introducing the new "NOMOGEL" where the words literally means "No More Jellos" on your Gopro Footages! While made from the same material as Ummagrip, the key difference is that Nomojel is thicker, softer, and stickier, providing vibration dampening (anti-jello), while keeping the camera confidently stuck in place. When used with a high quality retention strap, you won’t be worrying about ejected cameras or wobbly unusable video.Nomojel has a unique dimpled pattern molded into the surface that helps give the pad enough surface area to grip, but not so much that it pulls off of the frame when removing your camera. And with a 50mm x 50mm square, at 4mm thick, backed with high quality 3M adhesive, you can add a permanent, super sticky, anti-jello, camera pad to nearly any frame.

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