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Playstation One Game Shark .. ROGUE – Robbers of the Orient: The Pirates of Asia. Spec. Steam All 1342x2250. 01-19-2007, 23:21. Available on PlayStation Network. To cheat in this game, use the “Godmode” option in the main menu. First of all, I'd like to say this is a really great emulator. I have a lot of fun playing these games on the PSX emulator and this is great stuff. It’s one of my favorite game emulators. It’s a free emulator. I think it’s pretty good. I’d like to see a re-release of this game. I think this game is worth owning on PC and PS1 emulator. Some really great stuff going on here and I really do wish that more people would support this type of content. I know a lot of people work on this stuff, and they should be thanked for their hard work. This is just a great emulator and is pretty solid from what I can tell. It’s always great to get new stuff like this. I'm happy to see something new like this. I hope this can be a big hit! The only thing I can say that’s negative is the menus are really small. I love this so much, I'd like to see more stuff like this. This looks amazing. This is definitely my type of game. I'd like to play more of these. This is very nice. This is my favorite game from the Playstation 1. It looks great. Overall, this is a great emulator. This is the only emulator that has actually made a game for the PSP after the release of the PlayStation 3. If you've been looking for more PSOne games, then this is the place to be. Overall, I think this is a nice emulator. Overall, it's a pretty good emulator. It's really easy to use. This is a really cool emulator. It's really good! I like this very much. I like how people are creating this stuff. I really like this. This is my favorite, I don’t think any other emulator has a better one. I love it! I like how this emulator looks like. I really want to see more of this. I love this, I'd like to see more of this! I think this is really nice. I really like this. The developer of




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