The F55 Pro II updates the original F55 with a new heatsink design, LED, and increased the BEC current from 5V to 10V@2A!

Fully capable of pushing 6s with 75A burst and a sustained 55A current draw.
Equipped with the latest in ESC technology such as 32-bit capability and BLHeli32 firmware.

T-Motor F55A Pro-II 55A (3-6s) BLHeli32 4-in-1 ESC with 10A BEC

    • Continuous current: 4*55A
    • BLHeli_32 32bit
    • Burst current: 4*75A
    • BEC Output: 10V @2.0A
    • Size: 45x41x7.3mm
    • Weight: 17.5g (Including Heatsink)
    • Support DSHOT150/300/600/1200
    • 1 x F55A Pro II 4 in 1 Brushless ESC
    • 5 x Damping Rubbers
    • 1 x 12AWG-130MM with XT60 Soldered input wires
    • 2 x 61mm Signal wire
    • 5x Cable Protectors
    • 3x SH0.1mm Plugs(6/8/10)
    • 1 x Capacitor
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