The Radiolink R8EH is a 2.4G octave receiver with FHSS jamming mode for use with the Radiolink 8-channel transmitter T8FB. 


How To Bind:

First turn on the remote control and then power on the receiver, the receiver light is on, there is a small hole next to the antenna of the receiver, there is a small black button in the hole, with a small stick press the code button for 1-2 seconds Then release the receiver light starts flashing, when the receiver signal light is always on, the receiver code is successful. Right after the end no matter whether there is no need to power off again on the code, very convenient. 

SBUS, PPM and PWM signal switching: 

Short press the receiver on the code button (ID SET) switch twice (within one second) to complete the SBUS signal, PPM signal and ordinary PWM signal directly switch. Among them, the green LED light, the receiver output common PWM signal; red and green LED lights, CH1 output SBUS signal, CH2 output PPM signal, while 3-8 channel output corresponding to the PWM signal. 



1, FHSS frequency hopping technology, re-upgrade in the proven T7F anti-jamming technology to achieve superior anti-multipath and anti-interference ability; 

2, support S-BUS, PPM and PWM three kinds of signal output at the same time (receiver red and green lights at the same time, R8EH 1 channel output S-BUS signal, 2 channel output PPM signal, 3-8 channel output corresponding PWM signal). 


Technical Parameters 

1. Number of channels: 8 channels 

2. Signal mode of operation: 

  PWM signal mode: receiver indicator light is green, R8EH output 8 channels of ordinary PWM signal; 

  SBUS / PPM signal mode: receiver indicator light is red and green, R8EH 1 channel output S-BUS signal,  
  2 channel output PPM signal, 3-8 channel output PWM signal. 

3. Maximum input voltage: up to 10V 

4 working current: 19-25mA (input voltage 5V) 

5. Size: L * W * H = 48.5 * 21 * 11mm 
6. Weight: 7g
7. Resolution: 4096

RadioLink R8EH 2.4G 8 Channels Receiver SBUS PPM two Led for Radiolink T8FB

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  • Suitable for RadioLink T8FB Transmitter only!
    Please do not use for other brands Transmitters!