◆Model : 5804 MiniX 5.8G 16CH

Output power : 25mW/50mW/100mW/200mW/400mW

Input Voltage : 6~26V

Frequency: 16Channels;Including Group A and Group R

Weight: 3g (not including antenna)

Size: 24x24x3mm

Mounting holes Dimension: 20mmx20mm

Connector: IPX-E

Video format: NISC/PAL

Device configuration through OSD

PIT Mode


▲Stable output power and Long transmission distance:0.5km@25mW, 1km@200mW, 5km@400mW
    (with Original Antenna)

▲Device configuration through OSD

▲Frequency: 16Channels; Including Group A and Group R

▲Fast frequency lock,boot does not interfere with companion

▲Self-contained output power self-test function

▲Small Size and light weight


Package included:

1 x VT5804 MINIX

1 x Rattail antenna

1 x Frequency table

6 x Power cord

1 x Heat shrinkable tube

PandaRC VT5804 Mini-X 20*20 5.8G 16CH 25~400mW Video Transmitter

SKU: PandaRC VT5804 Mini-X