IMPERIAL Tie-Fighter
"For every TIE fighter you shoot down, a thousand more will take its place." - DBaron Soontir Fel

Based on the detailed scale replica of the famous STARWARS "Tie-Fighter", this model replica has made everyone's childhood dreams come true. Experience the scale flying of the Tie-Fighter with the detailed printing of the exterior and spacious installation space for your Flight Controllers and ESCs.

Designed by our good friend PETER SORGEN from Switzerland, this model was designed specially for 5-inch setup from our usual racing drone. Due to its extra masses, we would expect the total flying weight to be above 800g. However after our first test-flight, we were pleasantly surprised that the extra masses has contributed to a better stability for scale-flying.

This model requires a large print-bed with minimum 260mm across and requires separate parts print and manual assembly. Some glueing is required.

- Fully 3D Printed with explicit details
- Replaceable Winglets
- Wing Grills with holes to reduce drag
- Fully Air-Brushed by hand (Optional)
- Pre-Assembled (can be dismantled prior to electronic installations)

Recommended Setup:
Motor : 2205 (2300KV-2500KV)
ESC : 30A BLHeli_S (Minimum)
Battery : 4S 14.8V Lipo (1300-1550mAh)
Propellers : HQProp 5-inch (3-4 blades)
FPV Upgrade : YES (via FPV Pod at the bottom) optional

- Body Only (Unpainted)
- Body Only (Painted - Airbrushed)

This is not a mass-production kit. This 3D-Printed Kit is based on personalized Print-On-Demand and extensive man-hours & labour for printing and air-brushing is put into every kit ordered. Please allow approx 7-15 days for print production (excluding shipping duration) upon your order. Thank you.

"Star Wars" IMPERIAL Tie-Fighter 3D Printed Basic Kit (Unpainted - WHITE)

Choose the following upgrade options:
  • This Kit is not suitable for beginners as it is not a ready-to-fly kit.  Advance FPV knowledge, assembly skills & Radio Setup required.

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