-Easier Installation on flight control by the new installation position design. 
-Avoid damage caused by accidental crash by connecting with antennas via flexible MMCX connector. 
-25m/200/600mW preset ,switched freely in multi-men competition or single flight. 
-With one key to turn off to avoid interference to others, no influence on changing frequency/powe after power off. 
-Can read out real-time transmission frequency with frequency display mode ,no need LED light or dial switch. 
-Lowest interference to others in multi-drone competition since calibration in wireless compatibility has been made.

-Input voltage: 7-25V DC 
-Channel: 48 
-Power transmission: OFF / 25mW / 200mW / 600mW 
-Size (mm): 37 * 37 * 8.2 
-Weight: 6.8g 
-Connector type: MMCX Connector 
- SMA/RP-SMA extension (For your existing cloverleaf antenna)
- 2 types of Antenna options (Linear or Cloverleaf Antenna - your choice)

Package included:
-1pc * the Force FPV Transmitter 
-1pc * 1.25T 5Pin connecting cable
-1pc * MMCX-RP-SMA pigtail cable
-1pc * MMCX Transmitting Antenna (Linear)
-1pc * Instruction

iFlight The Force 5.8G 48CH (25MW/200MW/600MW) VTX - RPSMA Extension