GemFan strikes again with this perfect prop for a low-weight toothpick build. These props are incredibly responsive - the lower pitch makes it easier to push through the air with a very low load to your motors.

The 3018s are super quick, and smooth with it, and are highly recommended for a low weight setup with small motors. They've got the durability you need, but still weigh in at just 3.32g for a full set of four.

Each pack contains two full sets of props, 4 CW and 4 CCW, for 2mm motor shafts.

Type: 3” twin blade prop
Weight: 0.75g
Fitting: 2.0mm shafts with T MOUNT
Material: Polycarbonate
Responsivemess: Very low load
Adaptive motor: 1108-1303
Recommend motor: 1303-5000

Gemfan Hurricane 3018-2 Propeller (2.0mm Shaft - Set of 8 pcs) : Clear Grey

SKU: Gemfan 3018-2 (2.0mm)
  • Please note this is for motors with 2.0mm Prop Shaft Diameter.

    Please do not buy it if your motor shaft is 1.5mm

    Please check your motor shaft specifications before buying.