Get ready to race with Gemfan's Hurricane 3016 Durable 3-Blade Propeller.
The 3016 Hurricane series was designed for agile flight at high speed with its incredibly low weight at just over 1g.

Brand name: GEMFAN
Item name: 3016 Propeller
Blades: 3
Pitch: 1.6 inch
Material: Poly Carbonate
Center Hole Inner Diameter: 2.0mm (T-Mount)
Prop disk diameter: 76.49mm
Center Thickness: 5.5mm
Max-Prop width: 8.84mm
Adaptive motor: 1108-1303
Recommend motor: 1303-5000
Weight: 1.18g

Gemfan Hurricane 3016-3 Propeller (2.0mm Shaft - Set of 4) : YELLOW

SKU: 3016-3 (2.0mm) Yellow
  • 2 x CW 3016 Propeller
    2 x CCW 3016 Propeller

  • Please note this is for motors with 2.0mm Prop Shaft Diameter.

    Please do not buy it if your motor shaft is 1.5mm

    Please check your motor shaft specifications before buying.