We've all seen the YouTube videos where a multirotor crashes into a field of long crop, never to be seen again. Well this little RC buzzer could be the savior; think of it like a SOS beacon for your drone. It’s super loud and will guide you right to the aircraft.

It simply plugs in to an auxiliary channel on your receiver and can be activated by a switch on your transmitter. If your radio supports failsafe, you can set it up so the buzzer will activate if your drone flies out of range.

The buzzer is tiny and only weighs 5g, so it could be used on small racing drones through to biggest heavy lifting octocopters. It just requires a spare receiver channel - please note this buzzer is not directly compatible with flight control boards like the naze32, they work with 5V Piezo type buzzer.


Power Input: Spare receiver channel (~5v)
Servo Connector: Plugs into any of the spare AUX Channel via switch assignment to activate the beep by end points.
Wire Length: 20cm
Dimension: 15x15x10mm 
Weight: 5g

Discovery Buzzer - RC Lost Model Alarm

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