Suggested Frequencies: 5645MHZ,5665MHZ,5685MHZ 
Impedance: 50ohm, VSWR: <1.5 
Gain: 2.0dBi-2.5dBi 
Polarization: LHCP - Left Hand Circular Polarized (standard) 

TX antenna: SMA-90 (90 degrees elbow) 
Weight: 17g 
Connector : SMA (Inner Pin) - 90deg

All LHCP polarized cloverleaf must be matched with LHCP Antennas.
Do not mix LHCP with RHCP antennas. This will not optimize your signal strengths and may caused your range to reduced sharply. 
Please double-check your corresponding side whether they are LHCP before buying.

5.8G Clover Leaf TX Antenna : SMA-90deg (LHCP)

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