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FPV Electronics > KoreKoncept CHROMA LED Controller

Chroma LED Controller

The Chroma LED Driver was initially designed as a personal project to solve the issues surrounding LEDs being a requirement at races such as iSeries to make the quads more visible. None of the existing solutions worked easily and allowed the flexibility that we believed we needed. Changing colour was a pain with a multitude of dipswitches being needed and only a limited number of colours being available.

The Chroma LED Driver addresses all of the issues we found with existing solutions, it allows 9 different colours that can be changed at the press of a button. 6 different modes that can also be changed in a few seconds. It also runs off any 3s-4s power supply and is light and easy to wire up on most frame designs.

• Up to 4s input voltage
• 9 Colours
• 5 Different Modes + Off
• 3.7g Driver Weight, Approximately 15g total system weight with LEDs
• Supports 1-25 LED's in Series and up to 50 in total
• On-board button for quick configuration

Product Features:
• Control up to 25 programming LED's - configurable via button
• 9 different colour options
• 6 different modes (including off)
• Onboard (wide voltage input) regulator which will power up to 50 LED's without issue
• All configurations store on power down
• Factory reset options

- 1 x Chroma LED Controller
- 1 x 24 LED Strip (sliceable to 4 strips of 6 LEDs)
- Silicon wires for daisy connections